Half-elven sorceress

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 14 +2
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 18 +4

Hit Points 21

Feats: Bonus Eschew Material Components, proficient in all simple weapons, Skill Focus (Bluff)

Feats: Chosen Arcane strike, weapon finesse

Celestial Powers: Heavenly fire (1d6+2 dmg. vs evil, 1d6+2 healing vs. good 1/day per recipient, 30 ft. range); Celestial radiance (resist acid 5, resist cold 5)

Preferred Weapon Short spear

Skill Name Ranks Total Modifier
Appraise 2 +7
Bluff 2 +12
Craft (Taiilor) 1 +6
Intimidate 2 +9
Knowledge (arcana) 2 +7
Perception 2 +4
Spellcraft 4 +9
Use Magic Device 1 +8

From an early age, Veraja felt there was something different about her. Shortly after her celestial powers manifested themselves, she knew this was the case. Although her parents claim they don’t know anything about her heritage, Veraja suspects they may be hiding something. She has left home and ventured forth into the world to try and find out mroe about where her family came from and how to develop her powers for the benefit of all.


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